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Featured Speakers:
  • Larry Tabb,  Founder & CEO, TABB Group
  • Bert Farabaugh,  Senior Applications Engineer, Real-Time Innovations (RTI)
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    A Wall Street & Technology Vendor Perspectives TechWebCast:

    Straight Talk About Low-Latency
    The Value of a Millisecond


    Duration: One Hour

    “Low latency” is the big buzzword these days. And at RTI's information-packed seminar, we'll explore what it really means to you and your organization.

    Don't miss this chance to join RTI and our distinguished presenter, Larry Tabb of TABB Group, who will review the latest research into the implications of low latency All webinar attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the new TABB Group Vision Note: “The Value of a Millisecond: Finding the Optimal Speed of a Trading Infrastructure.”

    Read Vision Note abstract:

    Who should attend? Program and Proprietary Traders, Risk Managers, Financial Engineers, and Trading IT Managers

    What you'll learn

    • How poor latency results in lost opportunities.
    • Low latency's impact on the entire trading process — from front- to back-office.
    • Why low latency requires more than speeds and feeds.
    • Sources of latency and the importance of tuning.
    • The benefits ... and limits ... of co-location. (You can't put all of your traders and IT staff in the cage!)
    • The best way to identify and prioritize areas for infrastructural improvement.
    • And more....

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