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Featured Speakers:
  • Matt Josefowicz,  Director of Insurance, Novarica
  • John Belizaire,  Founder and CEO, FirstBest Systems
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    An Insurance & Technology Vendor Perspectives TechWebCast:

    Quality Underwriting in a Soft Market: How Do You Get There?


    Duration: One Hour

    Margin compression, continued pricing erosion, and the overall pressures of a soft market demand improved quality in underwriting as carriers cast a wider net in order to underwrite more. 

    But how do you grow your book of business with the same resources, while improving underwriting excellence?

    The pressures of a soft market demand improved quality in underwriting.  Given the time, the information, and the guidance, underwriters know how to write good business.  The challenge is bringing all the information, the right tools, and the best practice guidance right at the underwriters’ fingertips, so that it’s easy and doesn’t take extra time to do things right.

    A true Underwriting Management System can help you achieve both improved productivity and quality. Please join us as we discuss how to leverage an Underwriting Management System to write more and write better business in a soft market:

    • Ability to capture and share underwriting knowledge from individual underwriters
    • Apply enterprise-wide best practices
    • Configure to permit quick adjustment of products and rules to meet market and competitive demands
    • Apply risk qualification and appetite rules on the agent’s desktop
    • Access a full array of actionable predictive analytics and web information at the underwriter’s fingertips
    • Turnaround a quick and easy referral process
    • Deploy best practice checklists and rules

    Hear from our Industry Experts:

    Matt Josefowicz, Director of Insurance, Novarica
    John Belizaire, CEO, FirstBest Systems
    Julian Pelenur, CTO, FirstBest Systems

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