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Featured Speakers:
  • Vivian Tero,  Program Manager for Compliance Infrastructure Service -- IDC
  • Nick VanBuskirk,  Legal Solutions Group -- Dell MessageOne
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    An InformationWeek WebCast:
    Mitigating Litigation Risk with Strategic Email Management


    Duration: One Hour

    Corporate lawsuits are inevitable. When companies are sued, electronic data, and especially email, is the first target of legal discovery. With increases in lawsuit frequency and the volume of electronic data, e-Discovery search has become a critical capability - one that can provide a competitive advantage or, unfortunately for many companies, pose a significant liability. Since the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) have gone into effect, enterprises have learned that the risk associated with being unprepared for electronic discovery is high.

    To help enterprises better understand and address this risk, Dell MessageOne presents Vivian Tero, IDC's research manager of Compliance Infrastructure who will explore:

    • Why email archiving is a cornerstone of a sound information management practice.
    • The relationship between a firm's email retention and disposition practices and their ability to fulfill litigation obligations.
    • Highlights of current practices for managing ESI for preservation and collection, and the role of email archives as a legally defensible preservation strategy.
    • What critical attributes companies should be looking for in their email archiving applications.

    Ms. Tero will be joined by industry experts from Dell MessageOne who will present how a SaaS-enabled solution can reduce the total cost of ownership of your email infrastructure, effectively eliminate the risk of email downtime, securely archive email, expedite e-Discovery and block spam and virus attacks.

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