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Featured Speakers:
  • Andreas M. Antonopoulos,  Senior Vice President and Founding Partner, Nemertes Research
  • Chris Loeffler,  Global Applications Manager, Data Center Solutions, Eaton® Corporation

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    An InformationWeek Vendor Perspectives Webcast:
    Can Your Data Center Infrastructure Handle the Side Effects of New Technology?


    An On-Demand InformationWeek WebCast:

    Duration: One Hour

    Overview: Virtualization, consolidation, high-density computing… new technologies and approaches such as these are redefining the data center landscape. The benefits are seen in greater operating efficiency, more effective disaster recovery and smoother day-to-day management.

    But there might be a hidden price. Is your data center ready for it?

    Join Eaton Corporation and Nemertes Research for an important Webcast to learn more about the impact of these IT technologies on power and cooling systems. With heightened demands, the power infrastructure has become a core IT function, requiring the same adaptability and resilience you expect of IT systems.

    Attend this interactive, one-hour session to learn:

    • What a top research group has discovered about some of these leading-edge technologies—and just how sustainable (or possibly transient) they really are
    • What new products are available to gracefully handle the additional demands brought by new IT technologies—and how to reduce operating expenses in the process
    • How to free up stranded power and cooling capacity that may already exist in your data center by using better practices and more efficient products
    • Why you should consider synchronizing IT and Facilities into a cohesive management perspective—where power and cooling systems are monitored and managed as integral elements of the IT infrastructure


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