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Featured Speakers:
  • Dr. Fern Halper,  Partner, Hurwitz & Associates
  • Inhi Cho Suh,  Vice President Information Management Product Strategy IBM Corporation, Software Group
  • Wayne Rash,  TechWeb Contributing Editor
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    A Live InformationWeek Editorial Perspectives Webcast:
    Driving Business Results with a New Kind of Intelligence


    Duration: One Hour

    In a turbulent economy, companies need to seize every viable opportunity possible. Yet, as the global markets struggle, any margin for error or inefficiency has virtually vanished. Access to sound intelligence – derived from accurate, up-to-date information–helps companies make game-changing decisions quickly and with confidence. But managing the deluge of information that floods modern businesses isn’t easy.

    Join TechWeb for this free Webcast featuring prominent industry analyst Dr. Fern Halper and IBM vice president of Information Management Product Strategy, Inhi Suh to learn:

    • Why companies struggle to use information in decision-making, despite having access to more sources and types of information than ever
    • How to develop a strategy for effectively capturing, managing, analyzing and delivering information to the people who need it
    • How to use the wealth of information available in real time across the entire value chain to correlate insights and anticipate opportunities and threats
    • How to create a smarter business via new intelligence



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