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Featured Speakers:
  • Andrew Conry-Murray,  Editor for InformationWeek and Network Computing
  • Craig Carpenter,  Vice President of Marketing, Recommind Inc
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    An InformationWeek Webcast:
    Doing More With Less: Finding Documents, Expertise, Projects and Relationships in a Downsizing Economy

    Duration: One Hour

    As companies downsize, vast amounts of knowledge walks out the door with laid off employees. While most companies feel compelled to focus solely on short-term cost cutting, the loss of this revenue and profit-generating knowledge will likely take years to replace - resulting in slower company growth during the downturn and when markets recover. This situation is even more difficult for the remaining employees, as their job parameters are broadening at the exact time a tremendous amount of “information capital” they need to do their jobs is walking out the door. But far from being a dire situation, companies can actually “do more with less” in this environment if they invest in the tools that will make information capital available automatically, instantly and in complete context, to those workers who need it.

    Information capital (current and past knowledge, expertise and relationships) is stored not just with workers themselves, but can be automatically extracted from documents, email, portals, file shares, CRM and other systems scattered across the organization. Information capital is critical to the top and bottom lines today – but is utterly inaccessible to those who need it unless companies deploy the right tools to make information easily available.

    In this webcast, Andrew Conry-Murray and Craig Carpenter will explore how organizations are using enterprise search technology to help workers grow revenue and profits in spite of the economic downturn while setting the stage for explosive growth when recovery comes.

    Topics to be discussed include:

    • How "Enterprise Search 1.0" tools fail to help users access the information capital they need
    • Why now is a critical time for "Enterprise Search 2.0" tools to be deployed at enterprises
    • How providing knowledge workers with information in context can drastically impact productivity, increasing revenue and profit
    • How enterprise search projects can be funded in spite of today’s challenging budgetary conditions


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