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 Business Process Automation (BPA)
 Self Service/Speech Recognition/IVR
 Automated Outbound Dialing
 Unified Communications
 Voicemail/Unified Messaging
 E-mail Routing/Queuing
 Call Recording/Quality Monitoring
 None of the Above
 Content Management
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Featured Speakers:
  • Joe Staples,  Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, Interactive Intelligence
  • Elka Popova,  North American Program Director, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), Frost & Sullivan Industry

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:
    Automating for Efficiency: How Enterprises Can Drive Latency and Human Error out of Business Processes


    Duration: One Hour


    In these competitive times, a keen focus on efficiency is the mantra. And many believe that Business Process Automation (BPA) is the means to that end. But with the economy still uneven, is process automation even on IT’s radar?

    Apparently so, according to a recent survey by IDG Research Services, which found that Business Process Automation is an IT priority right now! Some of the findings in the broad survey of IT executives show:

    • More than 2/3 of respondents are automating most or many of their core business processes, and another 21% are moving towards this goal

    •  87% consider BPA to be a critical or important IT priority
    • 87% see a connection between unified communications and process automation, and more than one?third envision communication technology being incorporated into process automation applications

    During this web cast attendees will:

    • Learn how Business Process Automation can reduce costs and improve service levels
    • Discover the value of using communications as the foundation to automation

    Based on the IDG Research survey data, see how 131 IT executives answered the following questions:

      • What are the key benefits of process automation?
      • How should the ROI be measured for process automation?
      • What are the primary obstacles of moving forward to automate key business processes?
      • What factors are most important in selecting a vendor of process automation solutions?
      • What BPA feature set is seen as providing the strongest value?

    All web cast attendees will receive a copy of the white paper researched and produced by CXO Media, CIO Custom Solutions Group titled, "Automating for Efficiency: Enterprises drive latency and human error out of business processes with communications as the foundation to automation."

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