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  • Mohammad Zahoor,  Director of Business Services at PEMCO Insurance
  • Sripriya Kalyanasundaram,  Director, Cognizant

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:
    Transforming QA – From Gatekeepers to Quality Partners

    Duration: One Hour

    Many organizations have traditionally considered Business, IT and QA independent entities. This created organizational silos, with QA serving IT and IT serving Business. The result: Business complains about ever increasing IT costs; IT argues that QA is the culprit, since this group adds minimal value and drains resources. Industry gurus have consistently advocated the need for synergy between Business, IT and QA -- especially during tough times. They maintain that greater business value can be gained when these organizations work more closely together. By establishing the right enterprise IT strategy, and blending QA smoothly within IT, many of the operational gaps begin to disappear.

    The primary objective of IT is to enable enterprise agility, velocity, efficiency, innovation and risk mitigation, thereby maintaining or extending competitive advantage. QA plays a critical role in risk avoidance and business continuity, and hence is considered among the key pillars of a strong and effective IT organization. QA teams have transitioned from IT order takers to partners who ensure quality. In this webinar, we will present a framework to help enterprises assess the maturity of their QA processes and to more tightly align QA with IT. The end goal: Elevate QA’s value contribution to the business. 

    Attend this Webinar and learn:

    • Ways to assess the current maturity level of your QA organization
    • How to arrive at desired levels of maturity and function to establish QA synergy with IT and Business
    • Outsourcing models that can help your organization transition from current maturity levels to desired levels

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