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Featured Speakers:

Chris McCormack, Web Security Expert, Sophos

Fraser Howard, Principal Researcher , Sophos

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A Dark Reading Vendor Perspectives WebCast:
Web Attacks: How Hackers Create and Spread Malware

Duration: One Hour

A brand new infected webpage is discovered every 4.5 seconds.

The web has become the key vector for online attacks and even trusted websites are no longer safe. With hackers continually changing tactics, the majority of businesses are left unprotected against modern web-based malware. Businesses can no longer get by with just protecting their email and endpoint systems.

Join this live one-hour webcast featuring web security expert Chris McCormack, and principal researcher Fraser Howard from Sophos to learn how web threats are created and spread -- and the impact they have on your business.  They’ll also discuss these key topics and more:

  • There's no such thing as a trusted site
  • How today's web attacks work
  • Three tips to safeguard your systems

Register today to attend this informative webcast.



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