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Featured Speakers:
  • Rob Karel,  Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Ian Rowlands,  Senior Director of Product Management, ASG Software Soutions

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:
    Metadata Moves into the Mainstream: Turning Metadata into Money

    Duration: One Hour

    The concept of metadata isn’t new, but until recently only the most technical of IT staff cared about it.  Business users didn’t pay attention to it because they weren’t the ones who had to locate and manipulate the data. But now that both IT and business users have direct access to data, they’re faced with managing (and trying to make sense of) a gigantic mountain of information that, according to some industry figures, grows at a rate faster than 65% per year.

    This widespread proliferation of data or “information explosion” is pushing metadata into the mainstream. For businesses to maintain a competitive edge, using information more effectively is critical. Only metadata can help cut through the clutter and provide the context necessary to distinguish between useful and useless information. Effective metadata management is the essential component for leveraging data as an organizational asset for strategic advantage.

    Join ASG Sr. Director of Strategy Ian Rowlands and Forrester Research Principal Analyst Rob Karel, as they explore how metadata can help organizations:

    • Make IT pay off
    • Avoid data driven disasters
    • Mitigate information risk
    • Use information as a game changer

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