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  • Nik Rouda,  Senior Product Marketing Manager, Riverbed
  • Steve Kovsky,  Contributing Editor, InformationWeek
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    An InformationWeek WebCast:

    WAN Optimization: Strategies for Increased Business Agility in a Post-Recession Economy

    Confidence in an economic recovery is building, but how long will it take to arrive?

    This perplexing question has stymied economists worldwide, and continues to grind the gears of international business investment. In the world of corporate IT, the only bright spots of economic activity today tend to coalesce around distinct technology solutions that offer the promise of immediate and substantial cost savings.

    One such bright spot is the area of WAN optimization. Among its many benefits, the potential for reducing current and future bandwidth needs alone has fueled major growth for WAN optimization products and services, providing a stark contrast to the gloomy overall outlook in the tech sector.

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    However, as organizations begin to detect the early signs of an economic thaw, many are beginning to look beyond their current cost-reduction mandate, focusing on solutions that also offer the potential for longterm strategic advantages to drive future business growth. Once again, WAN optimization technologies are coming to the forefront, promising major productivity gains through techniques such as data streamlining and application acceleration -- gains that can translate directly into an enhanced bottom line and greater agility to adapt to new and hard-to-predict market conditions that will prevail in the post-recession period.

    In this webcast, you'll learn about specific companies that have begun to consider life after downturn, and how they are employing strategic technologies such as WAN optimization now -- not only to reduce costs in the short term, but to also pave the way for their own corporate recovery and future success.


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