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Featured Speakers:
  • Erik Troan,  CTO, rPath
  • Michael Crandell,  CEO, Rightscale
  • Dr. Rich Wolski,  CTO, Eucalyptus Systems
  • Matt Zimmerman,  CTO, Canonical
  • David Berlind,  Chief Content Officer, TechWeb

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    An InformationWeek Vendor Perspectives WebCast:
    Datacenter.Next: An Online Panel Discussion on the Convergence of Physical, Virtual & Cloud

    An On-Demand WebCast

    : One Hour

    Cloud computing may have transformational potential, but its emergence has created an urgent and pressing question in the minds of today's IT leaders: How do we incorporate cloud computing into our existing datacenter operations? The reality is that - while cloud computing holds tremendous promise for enterprise IT - it is not a silver-bullet solution. Today's IT leaders are trying to determine the right blend of internal, external, physical and virtual as the blended "fabric" of their next-generation datacenter.

    Join this important online panel discussion to hear from leading thought leaders on the requirements and considerations for the next-generation datacenter. You’ll hear from:

      • Michael Crandell, CEO of Rightscale
      • Erik Troan, founder and CTO of rPath
      • Dr. Rich Wolski, CTO of Eucalyptus Systems
      • Matt Zimmerman, CTO of Canonical
      • David Berlind, Chief Content Officer of TechWeb

    We’ll discuss:

    • Incremental adoption strategies and reorienting to the “blended fabric”
    • Understanding the benefits and tradeoffs of physical/virtual, public/private, internal/external
    • Security, compliance, privacy and governance risks
    • Organizing for change: Roles, rewards and overcoming cultural resistance
    • Dealing with escalating management costs, lock in and other unintended consequences
    • Case studies and anecdotes on early adopters and emerging best practices

    Register now for what will be a thought-provoking and entertaining discussion on the issues at the heart of the next-generation datacenter. We look forward to seeing you there!


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