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Featured Speakers:
  • Douglas Henschen,  Editor-in-Chief, Intelligent Enterprise
  • Wayne Morris,  CEO, myDIALS
  • Michael Lock,  Research Analyst, Aberdeen Group

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    An InformationWeek and Intelligent Enterprise Webcast:
    Operational Business Intelligence and the Place for SaaS

    Duration: One Hour

    For years now, organizations have been trying to spread business intelligence tools to more users, improve business planning, monitor key performance metrics and share insights with key executives. There has been progress as firms have adopted companywide standards. But the complexity, expense and delays of conventional software deployments can still be roadblocks to broad and effective use of BI.

    Enter software as a service (SaaS), the fast-growing delivery model making big inroads in the enterprise applications space. SaaS seems well suited to the challenges faced in distributed, operational BI deployments. Yet, to date, there is no dominant ( player in SaaS-based BI, and SaaS adoption has been slower for BI than in the CRM and ERP arenas.

    What's the place for SaaS in delivering BI insight and streamlining operations? Join Intelligent Enterprise Editor-in-Chief Doug Henschen and Aberdeen Group Analyst Michael Lock as they discuss who is using SaaS-based BI and why. They'll share case examples and lessons learned as well as recent research on adoption trends and best practices in SaaS-based BI. Henschen and Lock will be joined by myDIALS CEO Wayne Morris, who will share insights on how companies are using SaaS-delivered analytics for operational performance improvement.

    This Webinar will explore:

    • The latest on business intelligence trends, goals and obstacles to effective deployments.
    • When and why companies are choosing SaaS-based BI, either as a supplement or an alternative to conventional BI software.
    • The tradeoffs between application-specific offerings and broad, horizontal capabilities.
    • Best practices and lessons learned from frontline users of SaaS-based BI.
    • Ways to assess BI maturity and preparedness for conventional and SaaS-based deployments.

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