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Network Computing Virtual Event:   Next-Generation Networks

Everywhere you look, the demands made on IT are impacting the network. Whether it’s deploying virtualized servers in the data center, replicating data to and from remote sites, or supporting geographically dispersed organizations, networking standards and technologies provide the foundation for IT upon which it all rides. The changes going on in networking are significant from adding enhancements to Ethernet to make it reliable and lossless, competing demands from time sensitive applications like VoIP and large capacity for network back-up and replication, and the blending of physical and virtual networking which offers true end to end virtual to physical networking.

The organizational changes driving virtualization, network back-up and recovery, data center consolidation, and remote office consolidation are driven in part by cost reduction measures. IT can participate in those cost reduction measures, but doing so effectively will involve radical changes to your data center and WAN networking. IT can’t throw more bandwidth at a performance problem. Network capacity is expensive and the performance issues may have more to do with what is sent over the network rather than how much capacity is used.

This Next Generation Networks virtual event brings you up to speed on networking state of the art and outlines technologies that are going to drive network design and implementations today and in the future. Learn where the technologies are today and how you can prepare for a network overhaul.

Attendee Benefits:

  • Download informative research, white papers, and other resources straight to your Virtual Briefcase.
  • Access insightful on-demand webcasts  featuring industry experts, Network Computing editors, and analysts.
  • Visit vendor booths and browse through products and solutions in our unique, interactive and entertaining environment.

Winner of Best Virtual Tradeshow and Online Event: InformationWeek Business Technology Network

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