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  • Juan R. Loaiza,  Senior Vice President Systems Technologies

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:
    The Sun Oracle Database Machine - The First OLTP Database Machine

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    Duration: One Hour

    Oracle Exadata Storage Servers V1 transformed the data warehousing industry by providing 10x better performance. Now, with the introduction of Exadata V2, Oracle is building on that success to deliver even faster performance for Data Warehousing while adding support for OLTP workloads on the same machine. Join us for this interactive webcast to learn how to achieve extreme performance for data warehouses, OLTP and mixed workloads at your enterprise.

    You will learn:

    • How the Sun Oracle Database machine provides extreme performance for OLTP workloads by using flash memory to run up to a million I/O operations per second.
    • About new technologies for compression that allow 10X more data to be stored at the same cost.
    • Why the Sun Oracle Database Machine is the fastest and most economical platform for both Data Warehousing and OLTP.


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