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Do you have an application, network, or user response time performance management project?
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Featured Speakers:
  • Ed Hallock,  Senior Director of Solutions Management for IT Infrastructure and Operations at ASG
  • J.P. Garbani,  Vice President, Forrester Research

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:
    Complete End User Visibility - Overcoming IT Challenges to Align With the Business

    Duration: One Hour


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    ** All Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of ASG's white paper,
    "Optimizing the End-User Experience Across Your Enterprise".

    Is the performance level of your organization’s most critical end-user applications meeting the needs of your customers? Decades of IT investments, career opportunities and the perception of the entire IT organization all come down to this simple question. The increasing complexity of IT makes complete end user visibility more challenging than ever for IT decision makers. In today’s increasingly web-driven business world, the performance of your IT applications is more and more the foundation of your entire business.

    Traditional network performance and availability monitoring tools are not integrated. Worse yet, they often show the IT infrastructure performing at SLAs, but in reality your end-users might be receiving less than desirable response times from their applications and you will have to react to a costly user service request. True end-user visibility ensures that your IT organization is proactively monitoring the availability and performance of your end user experience across the entire IT enterprise. The benefits of true end user visibility include exceeding delivery against SLAs, lowering resource and IT maintenance costs, improving your infrastructure utilization, and IT as a revenue driver and key enabler for business success.

    Join ASG Senior Director of Solutions Management Ed Hallock and featured guest, Forrester Research Vice President, J.P. Garbani for this one-hour Webinar to learn:

    • Industry imperatives driving the requirements for End User Visibility
    • The limitations of traditional network monitoring tools and products
    • Benefits of aligning IT to the business with complete End User Visibility
    • Ensuring best-practice delivery of application services across multi-platform and ever-increasing distributed enterprise applications.
    • The benefits of a scalable IT solution that links the End User Visibility with application performance management across the entire enterprise



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