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  • Nik Rouda,  Director of Product Marketing, Riverbed Technology Inc.
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    An InformationWeek WebCast:

    Reducing Operating Costs Through Branch Consolidation

    Duration: One Hour

    As the weather turns wintry across the country, IT departments are searching for signs of an early thaw to the frozen budgets that have reigned for the past year and more. In the meantime, new strategies for reducing costs continue to occupy the minds of technology professionals, as they stretch resources to the limit to meet the needs of internal and external clients.

    Many companies are finding solace in data center consolidation projects, harnessing server virtualization technologies to cut costs and bolster efficiency. However when it comes to extending those benefits to branch offices, the consolidation craze has been hampered, in many cases, by inefficient wide-area networks linking those offices to corporate data centers. Failure to consolidate branch office operations can be costly, preventing IT organizations from realizing major savings from:

    • Simplified management and reduced branch office IT support
    • Higher application performance to the branch
    • Increased productivity and operational efficiency
    • Improved data protection and resource utilization
    • The ability to leverage consolidation across the data center and branch

    Now those barriers to reducing costs and improving branch operations are finally coming down, as companies avail themselves of new technology that streamlines WAN traffic, making it possible to speed up data links between far-flung regional outposts and consolidated IT infrastructure and resources at the home office. This newfound network capacity -- often accomplished without costly bandwidth upgrades -- is already paying dividends.

    In this live Webcast, you’ll hear how IT organizations are gaining the ability to completely virtualize their branch office operations, achieving a "serverless" state that eliminates redundant hardware and software, while slashing maintenance costs and IT complexity.


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