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Modernizing IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance to Accelerate Flexibility and Visibility

One of the casualties of the recent economic downturn has been the sudden and inconsistent relaxation of structures defining which IT functions are centralized and which are distributed. In many cases, business units, struggling to adapt to dramatic market challenges, fought for more localized control and in the process governance became less of a priority.

Businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity to revise and improve some of these uneven governance practices. Local business units that developed bad habits by ignoring enterprise-wide governance processes are working with IT to explore new governance options.  Companies are starting to hack away at the inefficiency that resulted in duplication of effort, and IT leaders that have become immersed in trying to constantly reset governance guidelines are rethinking their strategies. It’s imperative that businesses start reversing the rippling impacts of inconsistent IT GRC planning that, for many, has resulted in a diminished IT risk posture and less rigorous oversight of compliance mandates.

Take steps to repair weakened IT governance practices by attending our upcoming virtual event: Modernizing IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance to Accelerate Flexibility and Visibility. Our program will offer crucial guidance on both practical tools and strategic insight to enact more formidable governance systems. Topics include:

  • Aligning IT governance with projects that generate maximum value
  • Defining where IT risk practices fit into your corporate operating framework
  • Creating more visibility into critical business and IT functions
  • Understanding how the evolution of E-discovery and other compliance mandates influences governance
  • Overcoming fragmentation by establishing an integrated, 360-degree IT governance framework


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