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Featured Speakers:
  • Kathy Burger,  Editorial Director, Bank Systems & Technology
  • Satyen Sangani,  Senior Director of Financial Services Analytical Products, Oracle
  • Alla Gil,  Managing Director, Risk Management Practice, Novantas

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    A Bank Systems & Technology Editorial Perspectives Webcast:

    Integrated Risk and Performance Management in Financial Services: Promoting a Transparent Risk Management Culture


    Duration: One Hour

    The global financial crisis and its fallout clearly demonstrated the problems that can occur when banks struggle with data redundancy and complexity, siloed processes, a lack of transparency and fragmented decision making. Furthermore, at many financial institutions risk information has been disconnected from financial close and reporting processes, creating validation challenges. Across the industry there needs to be improvement in measuring and meeting risk-adjusted performance objectives, pricing products to reflect their true risk, and understanding how banks are impacted by threats to liquidity and capital adequacy. It’s no surprise that nearly 90 percent of global bank executives surveyed recently by Ernst & Young indicated that the need to managing for liquidity rather than exclusively for earnings or growth was seen as the most crucial takeaway from the financial crisis.

    An integrated approach to risk, performance management and finance is key to addressing these shortcomings and avoiding future compliance issues. The linkage between risk and performance management is fundamental – enabling banks to perform new types of analysis and calculations that cut across silos of information. But to achieve this, financial institutions must be able to unify risk and finance data through common analytical and reporting system – running on an integrated platform that eliminates functional and application silos and allows banks to actively incorporate risk into decision making.

    At this free, one-hour Webcast, the first in a series of timely and provocative Webcasts on “Integrated Solutions for Financial Services” co-produced by Bank Systems & Technology and Oracle, you will learn how to promote a transparent risk management culture and achieve a consistent view of performance - gaining more flexibility, value and choice with less complexity, risk and cost. Find out how adopting a framework-based approach to delivering these capabilities is critical to addressing the need to measure and meet risk-adjusted performance objectives, price products to reflect their true risk, and better understand the impact of threats to liquidity, capital adequacy and exposure to market rate volatility - as well as making forward-looking capital projections under multiple market conditions.

    The goal: A single, transparent source of the truth, improving outcomes through a risk-aware decision process.

    •  Actively incorporating risk in decision making.
    •  Reducing the costs of compliance and regulation.
    •  Gaining on-demand reporting and analysis capabilities.
    •  Reducing cycle time and improving usefulness of management information.

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