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Featured Speakers:
  • Anthony O'Donnell,  Executive Editor, Insurance & Technology
  • Frank Buytendijk,  Vice President and Fellow, Oracle
  • Charles "Chuck" Johnston,  Vice President, Oracle Insurance
  • Jason McDonald,  Product Manager, Oracle Insurance

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    An Insurance & Technology Editorial Perspectives Webcast:

    The Decisive Edge:
    Improving Decision Making in the Insurance Enterprise

    Duration: One Hour

    Insurers seek greater transparency and agility more than ever but they typically fail to assimilate these qualities as guiding principles of their enterprise management culture. Rapid reaction to a changing market requires real-time insight into operations at multiple levels. Many carriers struggle to deliver sound accounting and financial information at a time when competitive distinction increasingly hinges on ready access to policy and claims trends, sales data, channel profitability and other sources.

    Getting this level of detail is often a challenge. Information is stored across multiple source systems, is difficult to aggregate and distribute, and often provides poor visibility into historical trends. How can you gather your policy and claims data into meaningful information that helps you make better, actionable decisions?

    In this one-hour webcast co-sponsored by Insurance & Technology and Oracle, you will learn about:

    • The increasing importance of rapid and sound decision-making as a competitive differentiator
    • Typical impediments to freer information flow within the insurance enterprise
    • Converting diverse sources of data into actionable information
    • Using business intelligence as a foundation for management excellence

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