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Featured Speakers:
  • Kathy Burger,  Editorial Director, Bank Systems & Technology
  • Prem Tadipatri,  Director, Head of ERP Program, Credit Suisse
  • Kirk Lowery,  VP Strategic Business Development, Oracle Corporation
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    A Bank Systems & Technology Editorial Perspectives Webcast:

    IT Standardization: The Eight Steps towards Banking Transformation

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    The financial crisis has put extreme pressure on CIO's to deliver better information, respond faster to business changes and reduce costs significantly. The risks of trying to operate with fragmented information, fragmented business processes, redundant applications, and the complex and costly infrastructure required to support it all have been clearly demonstrated. And it's not just about operating costs -- this kind of environment impedes competitiveness, customer insight and service, and regulatory compliance. Accordingly, CIOs of financial institutions are under enormous pressure to rationalize their IT operations and measurably reduce their cost structures.

    But whereas previously banks had few alternatives to costly integration fixes, today real operational transformation is possible. The key is IT standardization -- streamlining business processes, eliminating information silos and simplifying shared infrastructure, which drives efficiency, improves visibility and eliminates redundant systems and infrastructure, as well as reducing compliance risk.

    To find out how to gain the benefits of standardization and IT rationalization and how these benefits go beyond cost savings to drive real transformation across banking, tune into this free, one-hour Webcast, moderated by Bank Systems & Technology Editorial Director Kathy Burger. Hear firsthand about the 8 Strategies for Transformation that provide a framework for standardizing processes, consolidating applications and information and simplifying infrastructure.

    Discussion topics will include:

    • Reducing spending as a percentage of revenue
    • Reaping the benefits of outsourcing application and infrastructure management
    • Facilitating real-time business monitoring, analysis and continuous improvement
    • Reducing time to market
    • Modernizing core processes


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