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Featured Speakers:
  • Troy Lemaire,  Vice President and IT Manager, Home Bank of Louisiana
  • Kevin Faucheux,  Systems Administrator, Home Bank of Louisiana
  • Gerald Beaulieu,  Director of Product Marketing, IT Automation Expert, Kaseya
  • Greg MacSweeney,  Editor-in-Chief, Wall Street & Technology
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    An InformationWeek Financial Services Webcast:

    Revolutionary Banking: Solutions to 10 Common Problems in Banking IT Systems Management

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Managing the IT infrastructure for a financial institution is a thankless job. Some might even call it painful. Whether it's backing up confidential data, blocking a new software virus, managing the latest loss (or theft) of a bank laptop, trying to comply with evolving regulatory requirements, or simply dealing with rogue "IT hobbyists" and naïve bosses, people just don't understand the expertise, time and patience required.

    Today's finance & banking IT systems management doesn't have to be thankless. Nor does it have to be painful or require tons of overtime. In this webcast, gain valuable management insights from the IT Directors at Home Bank of Louisiana, hear their discussion of common IT systems management problems, and learn how these leaders revolutionized their banks using IT automation technology.

    In this FREE webcast, participants will learn about:

    • The 10 most common banking IT systems management problems
    • Common misconceptions in banking IT systems management
    • Best practices for managing highly distributed banking IT systems
    • How IT automation technology can help you revolutionize your systems management


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