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Featured Speakers:
  • Dr. Michael Willett,  Storage Security Strategist, Samsung
  • Mike James,  Director of SoC Development, Toshiba

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    Where is your Data Tonight? A Lesson in Avoiding Headlines, Fines or Worse

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Since 2005, 510,545,641 potentially sensitive records have been lost, stolen or mishandled (Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, U.S.). The Ponemon Institute estimates that each breach costs millions in fines, lost business, lost credibility and legal fees. Is your company the next headline? Could your job be on the line? Not only are such breaches costly and embarrassing, they now require expensive, time-consuming notification in almost every U.S. State, a requirement that can bankrupt or seriously impact the bottom line of any enterprise. And, other legislation including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the HITECH Act, and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) further point to the growing requirement for effective data protection and encryption.

    But there is hope. Most breach notification legislation offers a "safe harbor": if the data was probably encrypted, no breach notification is required. So then, how do today's complex enterprises provide adequate encryption? Many enterprises have tried software-based encryption, with mixed results that include lots of maintenance, user complaints regarding system performance, and less-than-secure resulting encryption.

    Now, there is a better way. This webinar will discuss a simple, transparent and highly secure method that automatically encrypts all data on drives -- on the fly, with no user intervention and with no slowdown of systems or throughput. This new method, created as an open industry standard by the leading drive and software vendors working within the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), encrypts data right on the drive -- including both hard disk and solid-state drives. These "self-encrypting" drives use proven and highly effective encryption technology. How the standard works, how it's implemented and how it can be used enterprise-wide will be addressed by industry experts. The deployment, benefits and management of hardware-based encryption will be evaluated against traditional software-based encryption, with the results of testing revealed.

    Attendees will learn where and how this hardware-based encryption technology is available. They also will learn how large numbers of systems with these self-encrypting drives are easily managed using available software tools from multiple vendors. Attendees also will learn the role of these self-encrypting drives beyond the laptop and into the enterprise.

    Join us for an informative, vendor-neutral and information-packed webinar. Bring your questions.


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