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Businesses face a daily struggle. They have to wrestle with outdated processes, stay on top of the latest innovations, search for the right information to make decisions, determine the right way to handle a new task, and find the best tool to get the job done efficiently, all while trying to grow and expand as the market and industries themselves change and evolve.

It isn't surprising that many business managers have long accepted these daily frustrations as the costs of doing business. This no longer needs be the case. Today's business managers can leverage technology that allows them to be more dynamic, adapting quickly to changing conditions. They can make better decisions, improve employee productivity, and grow the business. And they can do all of this without burdening their CIO.

Join Stephanie Stahl, Executive Editor, InformationWeek & TechWeb, Quentin Hardy, National Editor, Forbes Magazine and Paul Brunet, Vice President of Websphere and Business Process Management for a discussion on how savvy business managers are using technology to chart a path to growth, partnering with their technology departments to deliver value, and creating an unprecedented advantage over the competition.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • The Top Five Must-Have Skills for Business Leaders in 2011
  • Three ideas that have been proven to not only save your company money, but also boost productivity and help the business grow.
  • How to spot the inefficiencies that are holding your company back.
  • The strategies leading companies are using to promote close technology alignment and fast growth.

Featured Speakers

  Stephanie Stahl, Executive Editor, InformationWeek & TechWeb

  Paul E. Brunet, Vice President of Websphere and Business Process Management

  Quentin Hardy, National Editor, Forbes magazine


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