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Featured Speakers:
  • Penny Crosman,  Executive Editor of Bank Systems & Technology
  • Michael Versace,  Research Director, Global Risk at IDC Financial Insights
  • Ted Luchsinger,  Director Industry Marketing, Financial Services SAP, BusinessObjectsBusiness

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    A Bank Systems & Technology Webcast:

    An ERM Roadmap: How Banks Can Finally Achieve that Enterprise-Wide View of Risk Before the Full Force of Dodd-Frank Is Unleashed

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Banks have tried unsuccessfully for years to create an enterprise-wide view of risk to enable them to see clearly their exposures across the board and make better decisions. Dodd-Frank, Basel III, and an army of savvy, ex-banker regulators are providing a fresh sense of urgency to this long-wished for ideal. While questions remain about how tough the new Dodd-Frank inspired new rules be and what specific types of data banks will be required to provide to their regulators, one thing is certain: new queries and requests for reports will come at banks fast, and prompt responses will be required. Banks that haven't already begun doing so need to get their risk data houses in order, connect the silos of data that hold segments of disparate risk data, and build the kind of real-time, ad hoc risk data management infrastructure that will let them see what their true risks are in internally and react quickly to regulatory requirements and requests.

    Getting to that synchronized, holistic view of risk across risk disciplines and lines of business is no easy task. In this webcast, Michael Versace, Research Director, Global Risk at IDC Financial Insights, will share perspectives for how banks and regulators should think about re-architecting risk infrastructures to increase the analytical orientation of their organizations and prepare for the emerging, regulated marketplace. Moderator Penny Crosman, Executive Editor of Bank Systems & Technology, will share some of the effects Dodd-Frank and Basel III will have on banks' risk systems. Ted Luchsinger, Director of Financial Industry Marketing at SAP will share SAP's vision for enterprise risk management, including examples of risk dashboards based on inputs from SAP customers and business intelligence best practices.

    Please join us for this informative webcast.


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