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Featured Speakers:
  • Andrew Binstock,  Executive Editor, Dr. Dobb's Journal
  • Charles Babcock,  Editor-At-Large, InformationWeek
  • Andi Gutmans,  CEO, Co-founder, Zend Technologies
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    An InformationWeek & Dr. Dobb's Webcast:

    Application Development: In the Cloud, It's Not The Same

    Duration: 60 minutes

    The large scale enterprise application has provided a poor model for the scale-out, cloud application. Have you gone to the wrong school? Netflix, among others, decided it had with its large Java/Oracle application. Now it's moving to a distributed, cloud architecture. And that architecture looks different from what came before.

    • This Webcast will tell you what's different about cloud apps
    • Even if you're not developing cloud apps today, you'll want to learn how to design for long term, distributed, scale-out principles

    In the future, development for the cloud will be development in the cloud itself. Frameworks and open source and open APIs are all going to play a role. Clouds may begin to differentiate themselves on a basis of how much they can help developers build an application in their environments.

    • Hear about prototypes of such develop-in-the-cloud environments, like Heroku and Engine Yard.
    • What's VMware up to anyway, with the Spring Framework for Java
    • The new PHP cloud platform from Zend
    • The future is not only development in the cloud but getting lots of assists from a cross-cloud dev platform


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