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Featured Speakers:
  • Nancy Atkinson,  Senior Analyst, Aite Group
  • Jeroen Holscher,  Consultant, CapGemini
  • Karen Hsu,  Product Marketing Director, Informatica
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    A Bank Systems & Technology Webcast:

    Revenue-Generation and Cost-Saving Opportunities for Banks' Payments Business:
    Adopting Technologies to Improve Payment Processing

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Your bank maintains a different system for every type of payment: ACH, check, wire transfer, credit cards, and more. Mergers and acquisitions intensify the problem with new data and systems. Trying to make all those systems work together is expensive, time-consuming, and creates a host of problems:

    • Delayed strategic action and inaccurate decision-making caused by the complexity of changing or updating systems
    • Needless redundancies in fraud prevention, risk management, and regulatory compliance capabilities
    • Inability to view, analyze, and act on data across systems and departments for competitive advantage

    In an effort to consolidate, many banks are turning to payment hubs. For payment hubs to be successful, a payment integration infrastructure needs to be in place…for current projects and for future merger and consolidation processes.

    Join Aite Group, CapGemini and Informatica to learn:

    • Why banks are revamping their payment infrastructure now
    • How payments integration infrastructure is critical to the success of payment projects
    • What you should look for in payment integration infrastructure
    • Benefits that banks are realizing from payments integration infrastructure, including:
      o Faster customer onboarding by 80%
      o Increase in first year revenue by 8%
      o Real-time view of cash positions across subsidiaries and geographies
      o 50% cost reduction to integrate and maintain compliance with global payment standards

    Learn how a payments integration infrastructure can improve performance, cut costs, and create new revenue opportunities.


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