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A Dr. Dobb's Webcast:
Improving the collaboration within automotive E/E engineering projects


Duration: One Hour

Both automotive manufacturer and suppliers are challenged to keep pace with the fast-growing amount of electric and electronic (E/E) content in today's vehicles. The historical focus on mechanical engineering is quickly changing to E/E (electrical and electronic) engineering, which has become one of the most critical domains in product engineering.

Especially within E/E engineering the way how collaboration and change is supported by the tooling environment, has a big impact on engineers' productivity and their quality of work: A "throwing things over the wall" mentality of disconnected vehicle and systems engineers and E/E hardware and software development teams reduce your engineering productivity, delay development schedules and include the risk of failures. Efficient collaboration across department and company boundaries is essential for success.

Join this webcast and learn how improved collaboration with IBM Rational software help to increase your engineering efficiency. Learn how you can reduce the number and time of unproductive meetings, how you can quickly define new teams and enable them to collaborate internal and externally. Discover newly introduced tool capabilities strengthening the exchange of E/E data and accelerating your daily engineering work.

Featured Speakers:

Hans Windpassinger: Rational Systems Go-to-Market Manager for Automotive, IBM

Neil Patterson: Marketing Manager, IBM


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