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A Dr. Dobb's Webcast:
Is Time to Market King?


Duration: One Hour

Creating products and software applications with fewer resources in the least possible time is a challenge many organizations face today as they strive to innovate and grow.

Quality management, requirements management, test management and software testing have always been essential to the successful delivery of high quality, complex systems and software – and as any experienced engineering or IT manager will testify, they are processes that are interdependent. Good requirements must be testable, and to ensure – not only products and applications of high quality but also that serve the objectives of the business – there must be evidence that the requirements have been successfully implemented and tested. Thus an effective software or systems engineering solution must be one that successfully integrates quality, requirements, and test management processes and tooling. It should help teams to ensure better prioritization of requirements and test cases according to the business value, more effective change management as requirements changes and improve ways to address compliance reporting like automated traceability and impact analysis. This enables the organization to achieve shorter time to market at a reduced cost, at the same time addressing compliance and improving customer satisfaction.

Yet in too many organizations, these processes are ad hoc and siloed, and they may not yet have considered the differentiating advantages an integrated and collaborative solution can offer.

This webcast focuses on the business benefits that an integrated, automated and collaborative approach to delivering better quality solutions through requirements management, test management and software testing can offer. Tony Baer, a Senior Analyst at Ovum, will discuss how successful closing of the loop between these disciplines will yield strategic benefits that extend beyond productivity improvements in the respective processes.

Featured Speakers:

Tony Baer: Senior Analyst, Ovum


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