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Featured Speakers:
  • Anders Wallgren,  Chief Technical Officer, Electric Cloud

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    A Dr. Dobb's Webcast:
    Seven Things to Let Go of Before You Release


    Duration: One Hour

    What's the essence of release management? Deliberate, methodical, organized software production processes designed to "turn the crank" as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This presentation is a survey of the seven most common antipatterns we've seen that plague release teams. They include:
    • The Automated System is Waiting For You (perils of pseudo-automation)
    • It Only Takes A Night (slow, serialized release processes)
    • Scotty's The Build Guy, So Scotty Runs the Build (not abstracting the release environment)
    • Everyone Does it Their Way, That Way No One's Happy (confusing uniformity with agreement)
    For each of the seven, we'll explore how they grew from simple, well-intentioned shortcuts into serious process bottlenecks that gate growth and productivity. We'll discuss why they are so dangerous, and most importantly, what you can do to eliminate them, at process, team, and tool levels.


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