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Featured Speakers:
  • Kathy Burger,  Editorial Director, Insurance & Technology, Bank Systems & Technology, UBM TechWeb
  • Deborah Smallwood,  Founder, SMA
  • Mark Breading,  Partner, SMA
  • James Mullarney, CPCU, ARM ,  Senior Director of Product Strategy, Oracle Insurance


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    An Insurance & Technology Webcast:

    Driving Customer Loyalty with Interactive Document Processing

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Despite the proliferation of document automation systems in the insurance enterprise, many important documents and communications are not automated at all. For example, if information is missing from a policy application, a notice is usually created and issued manually. This creates delays that can cost an insurer business -- an expensive proposition, especially among high-value customers.

    Increasingly, however, savvy carriers are starting to recognize there are significant strategic benefits that come with interactive processing -- an approach that automates correspondence and other key communications. According to analyst firm SMA, the top drivers of content management investment in insurance are improving customer service and insight, and increasing retention. The key areas where insurers are investing to introduce or expand the use of customer communications management capabilities are in policy servicing and marketing/product development. These are key policyholder- and distributor-facing areas where the ability to customize and streamline interactions can make the difference between a happy, profitable customer or one who is dissatisfied and takes their business elsewhere.

    Insurers need to automate the creation and flow of all kinds of documents -- including personalized correspondence, applications, contracts, claims, and bills -- that at many companies are still handled manually. The benefits of interactive document processing include:

    • Upgrading the customer experience and improving customer loyalty
    • Reducing paper logjams
    • Mitigating operational risks, errors and inaccuracy
    • Speeding up processes and transactions
    • Improving productivity

    At this free, one-hour webcast, featuring analysis from SMA’s Deborah Smallwood and Mark Breading, and moderated by Insurance & Technology Editorial Director Kathy Burger, you will learn how to achieve interactive document processing proficiency that drives customer loyalty -- resulting in improved retention rates and enhanced channel profitability.


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