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A Dr. Dobb's Webcast:
Driving Customer Value in an increasingly competitive landscape for mobile applications


Duration: One Hour

Driving Customer Value in an increasingly competitive landscape for mobile applications Software - embedded or consumed as the product itself has changed the game, it has become the primary differentiator and value driver in the minds of consumers.

Developing mobile applications demands that requests be captured from a variety of stakeholders-customers, analysts, marketplace research, internal reviewers and more. Prioritizing these requests into product requirements is no simple task. Product and portfolio management (PPM) is a strategy that enables development teams to manage a variety of resources while developing requirements for a group of products. PPM can help teams achieve prioritization and gain a greater understanding of requirements.

Tailored to address the unique needs of individual development teams, IBM Rational® Focal Point™ software is a web-based PPM tool. Rational Focal Point software enables users to capture input from stakeholders to determine which requests will provide the most value to the project.

This webcast will provide an overview of the increasing competitive pressures and demands for mobile applications as well as illustrate how modern product portfolio management techniques and practices can help your organization drive customer value in this ever changing marketplace.

Featured Speaker:

Roger Le Blanc: Segment Sales Lead - PPM and EA, IBM Rational


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