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An InformationWeek and The BrainYard Webcast:

The Future of Email is Social

Duration: 60 Minutes

Is email dead? Not if it's still one of the top collaboration tools in business. IDC estimated there were over 400 million corporate email boxes in 2010 alone, with continued growth through at least 2014. But with the rapid growth of the cloud and alternative communications channels, especially blogging, microblogging, and other social networks, it's clear that email will need to change to stay relevant. And changing it is.

Join IBM for a view into how email is already changing today, and how more traditional collaboration tools will continue to be critical elements of what makes a social business.

You'll learn:

  • What makes a social business (and why you want to become one)
  • Why email and other traditional collaboration tools are critical capabilities that make a business more social
  • How email is already changing to meet this new business environment

Featured Speaker

David Via Photo

David Via,
Worldwide Business Unit Executive, IBM Messaging & Collaboration Solutions Sales


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