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A Dr. Dobb's Webcast:

Developing Smarter Products Using Insight and Product Innovation (IPI) from IBM

Duration: 60 Minutes

Fully 66% of products developed in the past year included some kind of embedded information technology. These smarter products can connect and communicate with other devices and respond intelligently to user needs. Smarter products address the needs of a wide variety of different users, whether the differences are a result of unique geographical requirements or unique user preferences. In fact, they are transforming the way the world works in new ways virtually every day. This is true not only in the way products are used but also in the way they are built.

Product development has also evolved from being primarily managed within a single company to a more collaborative model involving design partners and suppliers. As a result, innovative product development requires an approach that supports tight collaboration and increasingly complex value chains—an approach IBM calls Insight and Product Innovation (IPI).

Join Brad Holtz, President and CEO of Cyon Research and Dominic Tavassoli, Director of Marketing of IBM for an informal discussion of IPI and how it can help you design, deliver and manage smarter products.

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