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A Dark Reading Webcast:

Closing the Data Privacy Gap: How Safe is Your Data?

Duration: 60 minutes

According to recent articles published in NetworkWorld, “the cost of achieving regulatory security compliance is on average $3.5 million each year” and “one out of every two IT security professionals spends 50% of the work week on regulatory compliance initiatives.”  PCI DSS, HIPAA HITECH, FISMA, and SOX are among the most stressful.  Ignoring the requirements proves disastrous both in terms of fines and failed audits and in terms of data breaches.  So how can InfoSphere Optim help?

InfoSphere Optim can help organizations think holistically about data security and privacy by implementing protection strategies in non-production environments which are often overlooked. Bridging this “privacy gap” helps organizations establish a 360 degree data protection approach.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • The business and technical issues that drive privacy protection requirements.
  • How to safeguard data – and what is often overlooked.
  • Strategies that can be deployed in the testing environment to support compliance initiatives while lowing costs.
  • How to leverage data masking techniques as part of an overall information integration and governance strategy.
  • Real-world examples and lessons learned from organizations who utilized a data masking solution.

Featured Speaker:

Kimberly Madia
Kimberly Madia,
InfoSphere Guardium &
Optim Product Marketing,


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