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Featured Speakers:
  • Brad Kirby,  HP Group Manager for Microsoft Product Partnership Team
  • Matt Kimball,  AMD Software Product Marketing Manager, Server Business Unit
  • Tom Hall,  Global Product Marketing Manager, WW Sales & Product Marketing, Applications Services, HP Enterprise Services

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    The Cloud is Real: Are You Ready?
    Learn how to choose the right cloud solution for your business

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Cloud Computing is real. Long promised as the technology that would change the way organizations conducted business; "the cloud" has arrived and is delivering on that promise. Research conducted by AMD found that 37% of organizations today already use the cloud.1 As well, a separate study conducted by Market Research showed the five-year growth outlook for cloud to be five times that of traditional IT.2

    However, along with the reality of Cloud Computing comes confusion. That very study conducted by AMD1 also showed that IT organizations currently investigating in cloud solutions were not confident in their ability to deploy and manage those solutions, and in fact, only 25% felt they had the necessary resources and skills to support a cloud deployment.

    As companies begin to investigate and deploy cloud solutions, it would not be uncommon to walk away with more questions than answers. Where does an organization start in their move to the cloud? What applications and services are prime candidates? What about public vs private? What does a hybrid cloud look like? How is this technology different from virtualization? What are the different components of a "cloud stack"? And given the lack of knowledge in the cloud space -- where does an organization go for help?

    Join the discussion with AMD and HP as they address and tackle some of the very questions IT decision makers and technologist grapple with as they look to this new technology frontier. Attending this webinar should provide additional insights into cloud computing, including:

    • Build vs Buy or Private vs Public
    • Key considerations in building a cloud stack and solution
    • What to look for in public cloud services
    • Cloud appliances vs custom built solutions
    • Determining cloud readiness of applications and services
    • Preparing your organization for the move to the cloud




    1 Adoption, Approaches & Attitudes: The Future of Cloud Computing in the Public and Private Sectors; Red Shift Research

    2 IDCs New IT Cloud Services Forecast: 2009-2013; IDC Exchange


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