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Featured Speakers:
  • Katherine Burger,  Editorial Director, Insurance & Technology, Bank Systems & Technology, UBM TechWeb
  • Vaughn Swartz,  Managing Director & Chief Compliance Officer, TD Securities
  • Austin Trippensee,  Director of Risk & Finance Applications, Oracle


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    A Bank Systems & Technology Webcast:

    Aligning Finance, Risk and Treasury Operations: Is Your Financial Institution Prepared for the Impact of New Regulations?

    Duration: 60 minutes

    The combination of pending regulations, including Basel III and Dodd-Frank, with an increasingly uncertain business environment has led to the realization within the financial services industry that the disciplines of enterprise risk management, liquidity risk management, performance management and compliance are interrelated business obligations. Despite the market challenges, financial institutions must now devise a sustainable return to growth and at the same time be better protected against new or emerging risks.

    Accomplishing these goals isn't just about strategy or management direction. Integrating an institution's risk and finance architecture ensures that risk is factored into its decisions and that it can cope with global regulatory demands.

    Key to a financial institution's success is a comprehensive strategy that combines well-designed technology architecture, a suite of analytical applications for risk-aware decision making, and a commitment to raising the analytical orientation of its people toward fact-based, actionable and optimized decision making. But how do you get there?

    Join us for a free, one-hour Webcast, moderated by Bank Systems & Technology Editorial Director Kathy Burger, to learn more about:

    • How to ensure compliance with new and emerging regulatory requirements.
    • Leveraging existing infrastructure investments.
    • Eliminating analytical silos and ensuring consistent data across the organization.


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