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A Dr. Dobb's Webcast:

Evolving Your Current Processes and Infrastructure to Fulfill the Requirements of ISO 26262

Duration: 60 minutes

As companies review their existing processes and tool infrastructure as to their suitability to help fulfill the requirements of ISO 26262 many questions arise. These include, "What changes are needed in our organization such as new roles and departments?","What changes to processes and artifacts need to be done?", and "How do I evolve my current tool environment to support these changes?". The planning, coordination and documentation of the activities for all phases of the safety lifecycle is a key management task. Being able to efficiently and effectively do safety critical development will be critical to compete in todays market.

The topics of this webcast will include describing a requirements driven process, lifecycle traceability, how to effectively manage product development in the context of ISO 26262. The webinar will also describe how the IBM Rational's solution for Automotive can help organizations comply with the requirements in ISO 26262 by managing the activities and artifacts throughout the safety lifecycle. The focus will be on integrating new practices into your existing processes in an evolutionary, not revolutionary, manner to help achieve compliance in a cost effective manner.

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Dr. Graham Bleakley,

Solution Architect, IBM

Karla Ducharme,
Market Manager, Automotive and Aerospace & Defense, IBM Rational


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