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An InformationWeek Webcast:

BPM Bootcamp, Part 1: Understanding Your Processes

InformationWeek Webcast

Duration: 60 minutes

If your customers or your competitors held up a mirror in front of your organization, in what kind of a shape would it be? Does it take unreasonably long to respond to a customer request or to react when your competitor has seized a market opportunity?

In an environment in which the mere fact that you had to "respond" or "react" puts you at a disadvantage, a clear understanding of what your organization does today and where it could do better is just a first step on a road towards a culture of continuous improvement. Business Process Management (BPM) has become the uncontested discipline paving this road for organizations of all sizes and across the industry landscape.

In this first installment in a series of webcasts, join Sandy Kemsley, an independent analyst and systems architect, and Mihnea Galeteanu, Chief Storyteller for BPM at IBM, to learn more about:

  • The type of challenges facing organizations like yours today
  • Taking a holistic approach to process improvement, with a clear roadmap in mind for enterprise revitalization versus point solutions with no lasting effects
  • The tactical steps you can take today towards becoming a more process-aware organization
  • How, with building a culture of process-centricity, you can get to a point where you not only anticipate challenges, but turn them into opportunities

With practical examples grounded in years of experience and countless of client engagements, this webcast will illustrate how BPM can put your organization back in shape when it comes to everything from hiring practices to building the capability to innovate.

Featured Speakers:
Sandy Kemsley, Independent Analyst, Column 2
Mihnea Galeteanu

Mihnea Galeteanu, Independent Thinker, IBM



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