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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Decision Management: Dynamically changing the behavior of mainframe applications

Duration: 60 Minutes

Are you being asked to make your business policies more transparent? Would you like to make your mainframe more relevant to your organization without giving up control? Process-related decisions are made repeatedly, and they determine the appropriate course of action for each customer, partner and internal interaction. When you let lines-of-business define their policies and automate decisions in a form that is both understandable to the non-technical user and consumable by the systems that will use them, you're opening up clear communication between the policy managers defining the requirements and the developers implementing the business system solution. By automating these intelligent decisions, you can also improve the quality of each transaction and reduce the amount of time to implement changes.

Implementing decision logic using IBM WebSphere® Operational Decision Management enables a giant leap forward in bridging the gap between business people and IT. Join us for this complimentary webcast, presented by IBM and SHARE, and learn how the adoption of decision management can address these issues while facilitating flexibility throughout the entire enterprise. Application owners want better visibility of the logic that drives their systems, along with the ability to quickly make changes. Business rules and events drive these critical applications that run on your mainframe. You'll see how, by combining the management and execution of business rules and business events, you can achieve better agility, traceability, and full life cycle support of existing mainframe applications.

We'll discuss how the IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management solution helps you with the tools to:

  • Adapt to a rapidly changing business environment with speed and agility
  • Align rules and events across multiple business departments and lines-of-business, and between business and IT
  • Act in real time with precision and reliability
  • Reduce execution costs through co-location with your existing batch and CICS® COBOL applications.

Featured Speaker

Julie Reese
Product Marketing Manager,
IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management for z/OS®,
IBM Software Group

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