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A Dr. Dobb's Webcast:

Cross Discipline Collaboration For Hybrid Design Featuring Rhapsody and Simulink

Duration: 60 minutes

Embedded device development often requires diverse teams from different disciplines such as architectural design, closed loop control design, or signal processing to bring together their parallel development tasks to produce an integrated working design. Design information is often shared using manual paper based methods and tedious manual review processes which slows development and inhibits the ability to properly integrate designs and ensure the right product is built. Rational solutions for collaborative design, built on the Jazz platform, enable diverse teams to collaborate, share, review, analyze and trace designs built in IBM Rational Rhapsody and The Mathworks Simulink. Teams gain understanding of the designs from across the larger team and can contribute their points of view into these designs. More, Rhapsody and Simulink elements can be linked to other design elements or development lifecycle artifacts, such as requirements or test cases, leading to greater visibility of the relationships they have and how the designs will be impacted by any change. Learn how IBM is enabling teams to link designs from these powerful development environments and allowing designers and other project stakeholders to collaborate more fully on embedded systems design.


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Justin Dyer,
Systems Solutions Architect, IBM Rational


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