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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Advanced Attacks Evolve Webcast

Duration: 60 Minutes

The impact of advanced threats has figured prominently in tech and mainstream media over the past two years. Advanced targeted attacks are responsible for a large portion of the estimated $44 billion dollars – which computer compromises cost the global economy in 2011. Sophisticated, targeted attacks are one of the most insidious threats that we have seen to computer networks in history.While prolific in nature, these advanced attacks remain poorly understood by those responsible for defending computer networks against them.

This webinar will cover not just the how, but the why and the who; drawing a clear line in the sand between the mundane and the truly sophisticated. What are the threat actors trying to accomplish? Who is funding their work? Why isn't the government doing more to prevent the attacks? What can you do to prevent an attack on your networks and sensitive information? All of these topics will be addressed and bring a new clarity of thought, in an otherwise murky world of cyber crime, state sponsors and opportunistic hacktivists.

Featured Speakers:

  • Tom Parker, Chief Technology Officer and VP of Security Services, FusionX
  • Brennan O'Hara, Security Solutions Manager, NetIQ


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