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An InformationWeek Webcast:

The Truth About Agile Solution Delivery in Government: 10 Myths Debunked

Duration: 60 minutes

Agile is the modern approach to software development and private organizations have been reaping the benefits of reduced risk, improved ROI, and faster time to market for many years. It is time for Public Sector organizations to start realizing the benefits of the agile appraoch.

Join this InformationWeek webcast to hear Scott Ambler, Chief Methodologist for Agile debunk the top 10 myths of agile transformation and share tips on how Government organizations can get started today.

From this expert advice and insight you will:

1. Learn best practices of successful agile development in a complex environment.
2. Gain insight into common failures in agile solution delivery
3. Understand the facts around percieved barriers to agile software delivery

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Featured Speaker:

Scott Ambler
Scott Ambler,
Chief Methodologist,
Agile and Lean,
IBM Rational



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