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Featured Speakers:
  • Diane Hagglund,  Founder and Principal, Dimensional Research
  • Kristin Brennan,  Product Marketing Manager, Coverity
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    A Dr Dobb's Journal Webcast:

    Best Practices for Estimating the ROI of Development Testing

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    In today’s economy, every dollar spent must be justified. The development organizations that build the software used for devices and applications are no exception. All development and quality tool investments must deliver significant value to the organization. Development testing can offer hard and soft ROI but you may need to convince your finance team to make the investment.

    This webcast is designed to help you build your business case. A new report from Dimensional Research captures the methodology used and ROI gained by12 Coverity customers in a wide range of fields including: biotechnology, financial services, medical devices, telecommunications, manufacturing, SaaS applications, energy, communications, independent software vendors (ISVs), technology service providers, and safety critical systems investigates that question by looking at the actual value achieved in real-life implementations.

    In this webcast you will learn how to build the business case for development testing by focusing on the most frequently reported areas of value including:

    • Preventing defects
    • Increasing developer productivity
    • Reducing headcount costs
    • Accelerating  time-to-market
    • Improving coding skills
    • Improving developer satisfaction


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