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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    Privilege Creep – How Can You Be Certain Your Environment is Still Locked Down?

    Duration: 60 minutes

    In the fight against security breaches, removing administrator rights from users has proven to be a well-accepted strategy. In fact, most organizations have already taken the step of removing administrative privileges throughout their IT infrastructure. However, this fundamental action is soon followed by the IT staff "temporarily" granting rights to users who need them in order to meet a specific business need. Over time, this uncontrolled privilege creep makes it difficult to keep track of where and why administrator rights have been applied and left open, leaving the organization at risk of misuse and abuse of these privileges.

    Managing administrative rights is not a set-it-and-forget activity. At a minimum, the use of these higher-level privileges should always be proactively managed and routinely audited. Privileges should be handled very judiciously and granted at a granular level based on the specific business need. For example, it's almost always overkill to grant a user full admin rights to the entire system just so they can access a web application outside of the SSL-VPN.

    IT security and operations managers will find that this webinar presents a set of best practice methods which allows them to quickly and easily manage and mitigate privilege creep. Some of the topics to be discussed are:

    1. Risk exposure as a result of privilege creep
    2. Top offenders of privilege creep
    3. Most common rights policy issues
    4. Track and report on how privileges are used
    5. Demonstration of fine-grained control for administrative rights


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