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Featured Speakers:
  • Andrew Hillier,  CTO & Co-founder, CiRBA

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    An InformationWeek Financial Services Webcast:

    Capacity Management As You Know it is Dead:
    How Top Financial Services Organizations Are Managing Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Capacity management may not be quite dead, but the days of making periodic decisions using trending models are. Financial services organizations are radically changing how they plan and manage infrastructure to cope with the complexity of large-scale virtual and cloud environments and prevent the over-provisioning that results from old school planning models. The focus has shifted toward approaches that model demand "pipelines" and forecast based on capacity bookings, which more resembles a hotel reservation system than traditional capacity management. This is creating a whole new operational model that enables infrastructure planners, application owners and capacity teams to measure, control and plan for the constant flow of workloads in and out of an environment (on-boarding and de-commissioning), as well as organic growth (trending), all while optimizing workload placements and resource allocations to ensure optimal use of available capacity.

    Join CiRBA CTO & Co-founder Andrew Hillier as he outlines best practices for gaining control and automating the management of dynamic capacity supply and workload demand in large scale virtual and cloud infrastructure. In this session, Mr. Hillier will discuss how financial services organizations brought together infrastructure teams, capacity teams and application owners to increase agility, reduce risk and costs by optimizing and automating processes surrounding:

    • Workload placements and resource allocations
    • Capacity reservations for new workloads
    • Capacity forecasting and infrastructure planning
    • Migration and tech refresh planning


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