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Featured Speakers:
  • Matt Wilson,  Senior Product Manager, Verisign DDoS Protection Services
  • Jeremy Bergsman,  Practice Manager, CEB

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    A Dark Reading Webcast:

    Denial of Service Attacks: Threats, Impacts, and the Need to Manage Your Risk

    Duration: 60 minutes

    One of the most popular exploits used by politically-motivated cyber attackers today is the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, in which Web servers or other Internet-connected systems are overwhelmed by large amounts of inbound traffic. Such attacks can interrupt business operations and make an organization unavailable to its customers – but they also can be difficult to anticipate and even more difficult to stop.

    What are the chances that a major DDoS attack might happen to your organization? Most importantly, what can your organization do to mitigate a DDoS attack? As critical business functions become increasingly dependent on the availability of IT resources, chief financial officers (CFOs), chief risk officers (CROs), and other senior IT executives are beginning to re-assess whether their organization's risk management strategy adequately addresses the threat of network, application, or service downtime.

    In this webinar, you'll hear from top industry experts who can provide insight on:

    • Why DDoS mitigation should be part of a comprehensive IT risk management strategy
    • How DDoS attacks work and how they may impact enterprise systems
    • The potential impact on your business
    • What you can do to mitigate the impact, should your organization become a victim

    Given the probability and potential impact of DDoS attacks, and compared to the cost of other downtime-related risk mitigation solutions, DDoS threat mitigation may be one of the easiest and most cost-effective tactics for minimizing financial risk associated with IT-related downtime. Join Dark reading and Verisign for a one-hour webcast to learn more.


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