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An InformationWeek Webcast:

The View is Better From Up Here: Breaking Through Barriers to Cloud

Duration: 60 minutes

Ask three people what Cloud is, and you will likely get three different answers. Between the hype, misunderstanding and the level of technical sophistication it can involve, this is not entirely surprising. Cloud is a new IT delivery model which is built leveraging existing infrastructure elements that have not fundamentally changed in years. In Cloud services however, these elements are fused together in a new way that truly re-imagines what an IT operation can be. As is true of any disruptive event, there are benefits as well as challenges. Benefits include new business opportunities, boosts to productivity and new process efficiencies. Challenges include control, security and governance, migration costs, and changes to business processes.

In this webcast, SunGard's Mark Ledbetter will discuss real and perceived barriers to the cloud including:

  • Appropriate applications to move to the cloud
  • Approach for migrating to a cloud
  • Regulatory and compliance considerations

Featured Speaker
Mark Ledbetter, Managing Director, Technology Strategy & Architecture, SunGard Availability Services

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