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Featured Speakers:
  • Peggy Bresnick Kendler,  Contributing Editor, InformationWeek Financial Services
  • Ross Orrett,  President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Deborah M. Smallwood,  Founder, Strategy Meets Action
  • Robert Cummings,  Head of Industry Business Unit for Insurance, SAP

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    An Insurance & Technology Webcast:

    Creating Business Agility with Highly Integrated Core Systems

    InformationWeek Webcast

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Traditional solution suites for the insurance industry have typically been limited to policy administration, billing and claims. However, this model doesn't reflect the industry's efforts to shift from a product-centric or policy-centric view of the business to a more flexible, customer-centric approach – nor does it provide the flexibility insurance organizations must have to quickly respond to changes in the market, comply with regulatory requirements and meet customer expectations. Increasingly, carriers are looking for solutions that not only more effectively integrate the core functions of policy administration, billing and claims, but also offer the flexibility to incorporate additional core modules, as well as the capability to add solutions for enterprise and product lifecycle management. The resulting solution would represent a kind of "super suite," incorporating functionality that includes:

    • Policy administration
    • Billing
    • Claims
    • Reinsurance
    • Commissions
    • Producer Management
    • CRM
    • Business Intelligence
    • Financials
    • ISO electronic content management
    • Product lifecycle management

    The key potential benefits of this kind of integrated solution are that insurers can implement it in manageable pieces, ensuring faster time to value. Insurers can address their most urgent business needs first, and then build-out the full suite over time. The resulting integrated solution provides benefits across the 'C-level' of the organization – CEO, CFO, COO and CIO.

    Join us for this free, one-hour Webcast to hear about the benefits that come from implementing a highly integrated "super suite" core solution, as well as what's required from an architecture, resource, skills and budgeting standpoint to take advantage of the capabilities of the offering. You will learn how a new "super suite" offering can help insurers

    • Streamline processes
    • Boost operational efficiency
    • Speed time to market for products and services
    • Make more effective use of staff resources
    • Improve the customer experience


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