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  • Steve Kovsky,  Contributing Editor, InformationWeek/TechWeb
  • Kyle Wallace,  Senior Sales Engineer, GFI
  • Adam Ely,  CISO, Heroku at
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    A Dark Reading Webcast:

    Protecting End Users Against Emerging Threats

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Hackers and cybercriminals are pouring unprecedented levels of time and resources into developing new attacks. However, a common element to many of these emerging exploits is that they prey upon users failure to adhere to established security best practices.

    In fact, in addition to these new and emerging threats, successful attacks are perpetrated every day using existing hacking techniques that are well known and documented. In both cases, it's frequently the end user's own behavior that creates vulnerability and inevitably leads to infection.

    In this webcast from the editors of Dark Reading, you'll learn:

    • How to anticipate and address vulnerabilities by recognizing the most common mistakes that end users make
    • How to systemically and continuously educate and assist end users in practicing good "cyber hygiene" to prevent future attacks
    • How to build endpoint defenses for your organization that help protect users from themselves


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